Three Things To Do Before Your Movers Arrive

Being prepared for your residential moving company before they arrive on moving day can help to make your transition to a new home go more smoothly. Here are a few things you should consider doing before your movers arrive so you are ready to get the move started. Make Room For The Moving Truck If the moving truck will be parking in your driveway, move your personal vehicles out of the way.

What To Do When You Have To Move Out Of A College Apartment At The End Of A Semester

When you're in college and the end of the semester comes, it's normal for your living situation to change. Your lease may end, and you may either sign a new lease on the same apartment or move to a new apartment. But what do you do when the semester ends, your lease is about to end, and you don't have a new place to live lined up yet? Here are some tips to get you through this rough time.

Create More Space: 4 Tips For Merging Two Households

If you are getting married—or just moving in with your spouse—planning to merge two households can be stressful. To experience co-living bliss, you must talk openly about everything from duplicate items to treasured family heirlooms. If you are thinking about taking the next step with your spouse, keep these four tips in mind to help you peacefully merge your two households into one: 1. Eliminate Duplicate Items Together, create an inventory list of your items.