Create More Space: 4 Tips For Merging Two Households

If you are getting married—or just moving in with your spouse—planning to merge two households can be stressful. To experience co-living bliss, you must talk openly about everything from duplicate items to treasured family heirlooms.

If you are thinking about taking the next step with your spouse, keep these four tips in mind to help you peacefully merge your two households into one:

1. Eliminate Duplicate Items

Together, create an inventory list of your items. If you run into duplicate items, choose the best option of the two and keep it in the house. For example, choose the sharpest knives or the prettiest set of plates. Go over each item and choose what stays and what goes.

If you don't want to actually toss items, you can donate them to a worthy cause. You can also box them up and place them in a self-storage unit (such as those offered by Epic Group Inc), just in case something happens—or something breaks.

2. Pick and Choose what is Important

Go through your items and set aside what means the most to you. If you have a treasured family heirloom or family photos you can't part with, set them aside for now. The same goes for any furniture you just can't bear to lose. Think of that clunky chair that is ugly, but oh-so comfortable.

Once you have determined what items are most important, take them to your partner. Together, you can come to an agreement on what stays and what goes. You can also decide where the items will go—or if they need to go into a storage unit.

3. Clean Out Your Closets

Take an honest look at your closet. It's likely you have clothing that you haven't worn in years—or ever. You may also have clothing that doesn't fit. As a general rule of thumb, set aside any clothing you haven't worn in the last 6-months. Have your partner do the same.

When you are both finished, agree that you'll donate or sell the clothing. This will help make more space in your closets, so that both of your clothing, shoes, and accessories fit peacefully into the space you have.

4. Rotate Decorations

If you both have a large selection of decorations, keep some aside on a spare closet or storage unit. During each season, go through your decorations and rotate them out—just like you would clothing.

This simple tip will help keep the decorating fair and equal in your home. It will also allow both of you to feel comfortable and at home.

Moving in together is an exciting time. Unfortunately, it's also stressful. Use these tips—and a good self-storage unit—to help keep your cherished items safe; and make more space.