Why You Should Consider Professional Full Piano Moving Services

A piano is one of the most worrisome pieces of furniture to move and install. Most people think it's unnecessary to hire a company to come and move their pianos when changing homes or simply taking the piano to a new location. However, it's essential to hire a piano moving company to handle your piano with all the care and professionalism it deserves. Some common reasons why you should opt for full piano moving services include:

Pianos Are Unpleasantly Heavy

You'll never believe how heavy these musical instruments are until it's time to move them from one spot to another. A typical piano weighs between 300 and 1,400 pounds due to its heavy internal component made up of cast iron. It gets even heavier if the piano in question is an antique. You will certainly need help moving your piano, even if it's within the house. 

The weight of pianos varies with the type of piano you have. If you own an upright piano, then you'll have to contend with most of the weight on the top part of the instrument. Baby grand and grand pianos distribute their weight to the leg section, making it challenging to lift and move them around. Regardless of the type of piano you own, if you don't seek the help of a professional piano moving company, you may end up mishandling your piano and destroying it.

Professional Movers Have Proper Equipment

It's easier for a piano moving company to execute its services because they have cutting-edge moving equipment that making work easier. From the moment they lift your piano off your floor to the moment they lay it on the new destination floor, piano movers use various moving equipment throughout the process.

Many piano movers will use skids or piano boards that are meant for transporting pianos. They'll also safely wrap the pianos with blankets to minimize the effect of knocks caused by rough roads. Once safe on the skids, they'll then load the skid on dollies to transport the instrument out of your home.

Pianos Are Quite Expensive

Most pianos are expensive, and they often hold sentimental value to many piano owners, who believe they're irreplaceable and precious assets. Many pianos are passed down the family line over the years, and every generation generally tries their best to keep the equipment in good shape. Maintaining these expensive pianos means you should take extra care when handling and moving them. Thus, you should hire professional piano moving services.

When it's time to move such an expensive asset you have a close attachment to, you'll always want to trust it to the best movers who will take extra care when handling it. Contact a full piano moving service for more information.