Four Things To Keep In Your Kitchen On Moving Day

While you probably already have a plan to pack away all of the items in your kitchen for moving day, there are a few things you should leave out until you are ready to head to your new home. Having the following items in your kitchen can actually help make the day go a little better.

Coffeemaker And Breakfast

You want to start moving day off on the right foot, and that means giving yourself the fuel you need to get through the day. Keep your coffeemaker and a couple of coffee mugs out on the counter so you can prepare your morning cuppa, and consider having a ready-to-eat breakfast available as well, Breakfast might consist of protein-packed granola bars for a healthy way to start the day, or it might include a special treat in the form of pastries. Be sure to leave out some paper plates and napkins or paper towels to use while you enjoy your breakfast.


Whether you want to sit while you eat that last breakfast in your old home or you simply want a place to take a quick break during the move, it's a good idea to leave a chair or two in the kitchen. The kitchen is an ideal place for leaving a few chairs, as this room may see less activity from your movers than other areas of the home. Additionally, simple wooden kitchen chairs can be easily carried out to the moving truck right before it's time to head to your new home.

Garbage Can

As you check each room in your home for miscellaneous items, there's bound to be at least a few pieces of trash that need to be thrown away. Leaving a garbage bag on the floor can be problematic, as it may easily spill or get kicked around during the move. Keep your kitchen garbage in place while the movers load the truck, and use this container as your central trash disposal area. Having the kitchen garbage available also makes it easy to throw away any trash created during your pizza lunch break.

Cleaning Supplies

Keep some of your cleaning essentials in the kitchen so you can do last minute cleaning while the movers are hard at work. Paper towels, spray cleaners, and sponges are all good items to keep in the kitchen, and be sure to keep a vacuum cleaner available to suck up any dust bunnies you find after the boxes have all been moved.

Be sure to let your movers know if they will need to load any of these items onto the moving truck. Otherwise, you can load them into your vehicle and transport them to your new home. For more information, visit a site like